We Give Brands A Slant

Through thoughtful design, we enable brands to intersect visually, with relevance & meaning.

We are a nimble mix of image makers, crafty thinkers, pixel wranglers working towards a common good. To make your brand shine. Our process and talent facilitates a wide variety of services that cover most branding requirements.

We work with visionaries, do gooders, big thinkers, game changers and whomsoever else may care to be better by design.

As a covert bunch working hand in glove we draw out compelling brand stories, build strong visual narratives and leave lasting impressions.

Contact us for your new venture or a quick assessment of where your business or brand could be with the correct visual intersect.


The Loyal Workshop


Brand Identity

We have been privileged to be part of the Loyal story. From naming all the way to the final crest & identity, the challenge and nuances were all worth it. This brand celebrates freedom of trafficked women, empowerment & off course top of the line leather goods.

Website Design

Extending the brand narrative online was a natural progression, with some great visual storytelling and a hand coded e-commerce system thrown in for good measure.

Product Design

Currently on the cards are a new line of leather goods, designed right here. Our studio mix presents a variety of skills and talent making it possible for a full service offering.
Toad Hall

Toad Hall

Land Rover Service

Land Rover Service

Ministry of Inspiration

Ministry of Inspiration

Bengusto Cafe

Bengusto Cafe


Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Experience Design

Touch Point Planning

Collateral & Asset Design

Design / UX

User Interface

Website Design

User Experience

Responsive Design

Product / Service Design



Art Direction

Visual Narratives

Campaign Creation

Integrated Marketing






CMS integration

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